Perfectly adapted to the venue and clients’ identity

The Xmas Designers is able to develop tailor made decorations; from design, up to full execution. The design of this 11-meter-tall Geometric Christmas tree, was inspired by the unique ceiling of the massive entrance hall of the Rixos Premium in Dubai. The changing LED lights in the ceiling reflected in the mirror finishing of the […]

Collaboration Swarovski and Shangri-La

We love to create opportunities and get the most out of everyone’s Christmas decoration. A good example is how we introduced Swarovski to the Shangri-La and helped them to setup a unique collaboration. To promote Swarovski Crystals in a stylish and abstract Christmas tree frame, 7-meter-tall, designed and produced by The Xmas Designers. This frame […]

Christmas decor with customized Branding

All products of The Xmas Designers can be customized, for example with specific colors, composition and finishing. Which also provide the opportunity to include your logo and branding, or to create your own unique Christmas identity by using patterns and symbols. These patterns and symbols can then also be used for your Festive marketing material, […]