Sharing this massive Christmas wish, by one of our loyal customers Rixos Dubai. Venue: Rixos Premium JBR Location: Dubai, UAE

It’s Christmas time at Fifth Avenue!

Proud of our team in New York, for having decorated the Pulitzer fountain, on 5th avenue! Venue: Pulitzer Fountain, 5th Avenue Location: New York, USA

It’s Christmas time at Anjana Spa!

It doesn’t have to be big, to create a wonderful Christmas setting: subtle and elegant desk decoration at the Anjana Spa. Venue: Anjana Spa Location: Dubai, UAE

It’s Christmas time at Rixos The Palm!

4th year we serve this client with this stunning concept! Setup done in 1 night, it’s all about:– a good design,– high quality products,– and, good project preparation. Venue: Rixos The Palm Location: Dubai, UAE