A Festive treat for all senses!


Enhancing the overall experience by triggering all the senses of the guests and visitors to participate in the festive spirit. It also transforms each display into a video opportunity, the new trend in social media, to share videos as Tiktoks and Snapchats.

Going above and beyond is our trademark and attention to detail part of our brand culture. Therefore making the difference with small, surprising elements that trigger the guest’s attention and engage on a deeper level. 

For this reason, our design team always aims to add ‘festive treats for all senses!’. Meaning that we do not only want to create beautiful decors but want to connect and engage with guests and visitors, by triggering their senses of sound, vision and fragrance. 

Moving elements

From our trumpet playing Nutcrackers, moving elements in our Winter Wonderland setting to a Climbing Santa in the atrium of a shopping mall; quite a few items of The Xmas Designers Collection are available with moving elements.


Adding fragrance diffusers with Authentic Christmas fragrances is a simple thing to do but will make a big difference in the experience of the guests and visitors. Each display can have a different fragrance, which can also connect to the theme or specific elements in the décor. Think of pine-needles or the fragrance of Eucalyptus for a Christmas tree forest or the fresh smell of your grandmother’s apple pie in one of our Christmas village booths. 

Twinkling lights

A sparkling twist to any LED lights décor, by adding Twinkling lights. Depending on the location and target group this can be done in a very sophisticated, smooth and slow motion, manner or a more sparkling way for a more festive and outspoken result. 

Also think about using different color tones for the LED lights. For example, mixing warm and white lights as a mix you can create a more sparkling décor in a subtle way. Get in touch with us for our catalogue and discover our collection of lights, including multi-color tone lights and lights in ‘ton-sur-ton color schemes’


Last but not least, we bring decors to life with sound systems that can play a soft and gentle background music or mood music. Or, depending on the location and target group, can play more festive and even your own brand music tracks. Our Giftboxes with speaker sets are the perfect Christmas decoration item to get this done in a (cost) effective and sophisticated way.

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