Christmas at Fifth Avenue


From the very start of the first designs, up to installation and dismantling; a signature project at one of the most well known shopping destinations in the world.

Fifth Avenue, New York, USA, 2021.

How it all started

After we created the award-winning decoration at The Peninsula New York in 2019, both in- and outdoors, our work was recognized by many, including the 5th Avenue Association of New York.

Soon after the season, we were invited by the Association and discussions started in February. Based on a brief we made designs and suggestions to enhance the 5th Avenue decor. This resulted in a project to decorate the Pulitzer Fountain in 2020, a first step towards a completely new look of the Christmas décor along 5th Avenue.

Design process

In the beginning of 2021, the ambitions of the 5th Avenue Association became clear. Everyone was hoping that the pandemic would be over by the end of that year, and the more reason to enhance the décor and bring back Festive Joy to New York.

First discussions were started in January and an open brief was given to many agencies and suppliers. In the following months we developed several concepts which were based on:

– elegant / stylish objects
– creating highlights and a recognisable landmark over the street – affordable setup by creating a ‘smart design’
– reusable for many years of Christmas joy

Final design

The final design became an elegant and stylish composition of Festive Christmas trees, which were placed in a-symmetrical groups along 5th Avenue. The trees were between 2 to 4 meters tall and made of large fiber glass gift boxes with a sparkling installation of LED wires with baubles and snowflakes, forming tall and slim Christmas decors.

Left-side image: A smart design for quick and easy setup. Right-side image: Smart location on street corners; to create optimal visibility and highlighting the Fifth Avenue from every block.

Setup of “smart design”

This elegant, but “smart design” offered a smart way for setup and dismantling; using prefab elements that could be installed in 2 nights. This is where we at The Xmas Designers also pride ourselves on; not ‘only’ creating beautiful designs but being skilled in high level project management and having the expertise and knowledge to produce and execute (extremely) complex projects.

Super photo opportunity

The tall shape and sparkling look and feel of the trees made it a popular photo opportunity for visitors of 5th Avenue. Countless selfies and group photos were shared on social media featuring the sparkling decoration.


The dismantling went just as smooth as the setup and items were packed and stored in our own facility in New York, safe and ready to be used for many years of Christmas Joy to come.

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