Budget effective and Sustainable Festive decors


Since our very first project – over two decades ago – we have always aimed to over-deliver in our services and create added value for clients.

Renowned for coming up with solutions, to get the most out of our clients’ budget and design in a smart way, we always aim to re-use elements; while still giving the decor a completely different look & feel and include local elements whenever possible. We also like to involve and support local communities and create must visit Christmas destinations.

 For this reason, we added to our design principles:

– always include suggestions how to reuse elements during other festive seasons such as Chinese New Year or Ramadan.

– always include inspirations for how to include local elements unique for the destination or create opportunities to work together with local communities.

In this blog we would like to elaborate on a few project cases where we were able to go above and beyond. Need any advise for how to get the most out of your budget and holiday décor? Contact us today

Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi Vietnam

Support through design and delivery of products, provide the client with clear set-up instructions to train the clients team (housekeeping and engineering) to setup and dismantle the decor by themselves. By doing so direct costs were saved during setup and dismantling, and the client was able to spend the complete budget to invest in products.

QV Melbourne

A stunning walk-in RGB color model light Christmas tree, giving the opportunity to create a different setup inside the tree every year. By changing the content of the RGB program, new themes and branding can be easily implemented.

Especially the ability to walk into the Christmas tree made this tree the ‘talk of town’ and ‘must visit highlight’ during the holiday season. The fact that people could walk inside the tree created a buzz and curiosity for the citizens and visitors of Melbourne, creating record breaking foot traffic.

Table Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

We assisted a client to invest in a Christmas decor that has been used for more than 5 years; perfectly matching the hotel’s identity and style of the hotel’s interior. By adding new color themes and themed ornaments we can give the decor a refreshing new look every year.

In 2021, we added locally produced authentic ornaments, giving a local South African touch to the Christmas decor. By doing so we supported the local economy and community, and these handcrafted ornaments were a unique feature for all visitors that came to admire the decorations.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A good example of a client that used our Christmas products for more than 10 years. The general overall decor was created with a selection of items from The Xmas Designers Collection, creating a stylish, sophisticated decor. In addition, every year we create a few unique eye-catchers for prominent locations throughout the hotel.

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