Creating Festive destinations

The Xmas Designers - Festive boths and Stalls 2

Post pandemic and restrictions, we see a trend and need of our customers, to create Christmas highlights that bring communities together. Also, we see that clients seek opportunities to increase revenues and ways to generate extra income.

To support our clients with this, we created a unique collection of Christmas booths. Each booth can be used singular in for example a hotel lobby or can be complemented by other booths – in many combinations – to create cozy yet stunning Christmas markets.

Ready to be used collection

Based on our 15 years’ experience of designing Christmas stalls and markets, we created a collection of stalls that can be delivered in any color, logo or themed panels, to perfectly match your brand or target group.

Our online Catalogue

Investment for many years of Christmas Joy!

By using this collection of ready to be used items you can keep your investment to a minimum. As the items can be used for many years; we offer a solution for multiple seasons of Christmas Joy.

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Contact us to get our full catalogue or our inspirational document with more information about Festive Booths and Stalls.